About us

CMGS Corporation Limited  was established in 2007, Aims for leading provider in local services area. We have service in 3 divisions  IT, Engineering and Media.

CMGS Triple Core

1. IT Core :: Computer & Information Technology


CMGS has CMGS Boot Up, where provide services for Computer & Mobile Store to fix computer,mobile, printer and accessories part
In addition to Business Client we also provide IT Outsourcing such as Tech Support/Help Desk, Programmer  e.g.

Our clients were from thai government , local company and non govermental oganizations.
More information for IT Core http://boot.cmgs.co.th

2. Engineer Core :: Home Builder & Electronics Supply

CMGS Engineers were built for metal works. We provide a good quality and high responsibilities for all hard works. We have a strong teamwork.
Our technician can assist and given the best solution meet your budget.

3. Media Core :: Media Planner & Digital Communication

We have sophisticate digital media, video presentation, creative 3D, photography,models, sounds studio .We produced a cutting-edge of digital artworks. CMGS Media provides a low cost public relation and event planner. Our service are covered nationwide area with co-media and partner from Bangkok.